Parenting sometimes feels like one huge question mark:


  • What challenges will my child throw at me today?
  • Will I show patience … or the anger and frustration I really feel?
  • When my child has a public tantrum today, which stranger – or friend — will judge me first?
  • Will I be able to focus enough at work to meet my deadlines today?
  • How many tears will be shed during homework time?…Mine and theirs!
  • Will my child actually stay in bed once the lights go out?
  • What’s for dinner tonight?…Like I have the time or energy to make it!

You can get help finding your answers.

The truth is that all parenting is challenging, but some children’s behavior is more difficult to moderate or influence than others. When a child does not respond to standard discipline techniques, it can create an overwhelming dynamic that influences everything: your relationships, your life balance & fulfillment, your self-image, and your health. You may feel isolated, hopeless, or just plain defeated.


It doesn’t have to be this way.

A parent coach offers you the support, tools and learning through proven methods to turn your situation around.

You can:

  • have a calmer, more loving environment that evokes cooperation and respect,
  • learn what triggers your child and how to handle triggers productively and effectively,
  • enjoy spending time with your children,
  • discover and become who you really want to be as a parent and as yourself, and
  • bring healing to your family – from the inside out.

Get started today by scheduling a free introductory coaching session and see if parent coaching is right for you. It will be an honor to talk with you.